Business Opportunities

Business Opportunities:

If you are looking for business opportunities, please have a look at the businesses that we have listed on this website.

Businesses for sale Gauteng

Businesses for sale in Other Regions

If you have current business opportunities in mind, we can assist you with formulating a business plan to turn your ideas into reality. In other words we will take your ideas and put them into practice covering all aspects relating to a business, which will include:

  • finding a  suitable site matched to the specific type of business required
  • obtaining quotes for equipment
  • developing a marketing plan which will include customer acquisition
  • developing cashflow plans which will include the capital and working capital investment required for the business
  • developing internal control systems
  • creating a staffing profile for the business
  • developing an accounting system that will give management timeous information to address any problems which might arise
  • facilitating all statutory requirements including the registration of a company, registration for tax, shareholders agreements and share certificates
  • assisting when the business requires any other industry specific registrations or compliance requirements
  • organizing the training of employees if required for the industry and ensuring that the employees are competent to carry out the tasks required of them


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