Business Consulting for Buying or Selling a Business

Taleni Business Consultants’ qualified consultants offer Business Consulting where focus is placed on our clients’ most critical issues and opportunities which are identified during our personalized analysis process.

  • Business management systems covering:
    • Strategy – this consists of an analysis of the current strategy from which a proposed new strategy will be developed.
    • Profitability – the profitability of the business is analyzed and compared to norms for the category of business in order to identify areas where improvements can be implemented.
    • Stock – major components making up the stock levels will be identified and analyzed, identifying all the constraints in the process from purchasing to supply to the customer.
    • Debtors – the methods of financing customers via internal resources needs to be analyzed taking into account credit terms, credit limits and settlement discounts.
    • Creditors – financing from suppliers must be taken full advantage of by maximizing credit terms, credit limits and settlement discounts.
    • Marketing – an analysis of the current marketing process will highlight the strengths and weaknesses in the current approach to the market thus highlighting the available opportunities to the business.
    • Organization – the current organization structure will be analyzed, reviewed and adapted accordingly, eliminating any duplications or overlaps between departments.
    • Technology – full advantage of the current technology available must be taken advantage of by investigating what is available in the market place.
    • Corporate finance – the current methods of financing the business must be analyzed and it must be insured that full advantage is being taken of the products available in the market place.

We bring functional and practical expertise to bear to resolve any issues that are identified through the analysis process that the business might be experiencing. These issues are fully documented together with the proposed solutions, so that they can easily be implemented by the management team of the business. We ensure that the business functions efficiently as a whole through professional Business Consulting.

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